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Alice Hamilton Scholar


A tremendous lesson we have learned in Flint is that we need to have a competent and capable workforce to identify and tackle pediatric public health issues. The Pediatric Public Health Alice Hamilton Scholar is a two-year post-residency position for pediatricians. Scholars complete public health training, mentored research, embedded advocacy, and clinical care with the Pediatric Public Health Initiative (PPHI).

PPHI is a partnership between Michigan State University and Hurley Children's Hospital with a mission to improve outcomes for children.

Scholars will complete MSU's online Master of Public Health (MPH) degreeMichigan Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics, learn hands-on advocacy with the and conduct research as part of the MSU-Hurley Pediatric Public Health Initiative. In addition, the scholar will work in the public health-focused Hurley Children's Clinic, at the Flint Farmers' Market teaching residents and medical students and providing direct clinical care. 

The two-year scholar program is named in honor of Alice Hamilton (1869–1970) who was an American physician, research scientist, author, humanitarian, and social justice pioneer. She graduated from medical school in Michigan in 1893, then worked with Jane Addams at the Hull House in Chicago where she opened a well-baby clinic for poor families in the local settlement house neighborhood. The first woman professor at Harvard University, Dr. Hamilton is considered the mother of the field of occupational health and spent her life protecting vulnerable populations from toxic exposures.


  • Scholar Director: Mona Hanna, MD, MPH

Program Length

  • 2 years 


  • Clinical Care - 1.5 days per week in Hurley Children's Clinic as a faculty preceptor
  • Research - Working with PPHI and / or Hurley faculty and residents, complete a capstone project focused on pediatric public health
  • Advocacy - Embedded within the Michigan Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics (MIAAP), the scholar will receive hands-on advocacy and child health policy experience. 
  • MSU MPH degree - 43 total credits in the program: The scholar will need to apply to the MPH program for the spring semester. The MPH application process, deadlines, and application requirements are detailed on the MPH Applicant Information page

    Please note: Scholars accepted into the program can send an email to the PPHI office at, requesting that they forward the application recommendation letters to the MSU Master of Public Health (MPH) office CHM.MPH_Admissions@msu. edu to be used for their MPH application. All other application requirements are as noted on the MPH website

Now accepting applications for 2024-2026. Apply here.

For questions and further inquiries,

View Alice Hamilton Scholar flyer


Brittany Tayler


Dr. Brittany Tayler is the second Pediatric Public Health Initiative Alice Hamilton Scholar. Her research interests include asthma management, tobacco and vaping, health literacy, gender affirming care, improving access to sexual health care, and substance abuse treatment. She is interested in medical education and the cross section between improved resiliency and wellness particularly during residency and how this affects patient outcomes.

Dr. Tayler has experience in advocacy and legislative policy work while living in New York which she hopes to extend to Michigan. Her previous work pertained to removing the religious exemption for vaccines in NY public schools, banning of flavored tobacco product sales to those under the age of 21, and improvements transparency of public policy during the COVID-19 pandemic. She is a member of the Michigan Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics and a board member of the Governmental Affairs and Advocacy committee.

Gurbaksh Esch


We are excited to welcome pediatrician Dr. Gurbaksh Esch back to Flint as the inaugural Pediatric Public Health Initiative Alice Hamilton Scholar.

Gurbaksh Esch, MD, FAAP is the inaugural Alice Hamilton Scholar of the Pediatric Public Health Initiative, a collaboration between Michigan State University College of Human Medicine and Hurley Children’s Hospital in Flint, MI. She participates in collaborative research projects and community-based public health projects in Flint through PPHI and is a teaching attending physician at Hurley Children's clinic, above the Flint Farmer’s Market. Dr. Esch received her medical degree from MSU College of Human Medicine in 2018 and completed her pediatric residency at Beaumont Hospital in Royal Oak, MI in 2021. She is currently working toward a Master of Public Health degree, as part of her scholar program.

Her research interests include medical education, early adversity prevention, and maternal infant health, all with the lens of health equity. She has received national and local grant funding to support programs and research relating to these interests. In addition, she is currently, collaboratively working on establishing a multidisciplinary pediatric prenatal clinic at Hurley Children's clinic, to decrease maternal infant health disparities.

In her free time, Dr. Esch enjoys being a mother, to a 15-month-old toddler and a 3-year-old Labrador retriever, and spending time with her family. She also enjoys long distance running and reading mystery and science fiction novels.

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